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Mother Angelica's Lessons on Genesis
By Mother Angelica

Many books approach Scripture with a scholarly method, critically examining each line and interpreting symbols or metaphors in a way that can be hard to digest. Refreshingly, Mother Angelica unpacks biblical lessons from a “grassroots” perspective for the average person. Her meat-and-potatoes explanations reveal the meaning of the Scriptures in ways you can understand and relate to in your life. She invites you to ask yourself: What’s in it for me?

This book is drawn from Mother’s popular Bible Stories Spirituality television series. Through her personal accounts and down-to-earth reflections, you will enter into each passage and experience God’s love and guidance as never before. You will also see how the stories you read in Scripture are still occurring today, only with an ever-new cast of characters.

Mother encourages you to stand in wonder of God’s creation and contemplate His generosity, rather than trying to “figure things out.” In her conversational way, she explores stories in Genesis and connects them to your story. She also shows how the Old Testament is fulfilled in the New Testament and the sacramental life of the Church.

In these compelling pages, you will discover how deeply you are cherished by God and how close He is to you, especially in difficult times. You will also learn:

  • Three ways to attain the wedding garment for eternal life
  • Practical ways to grow in virtue and combat vice through the Precious Blood of Jesus
  • What to do during life’s deserts when life seems impossible
  • Ways you can imitate Abraham and other biblical models of holiness
  • How similar your struggles are to the struggles of biblical figures who learned “the hard way”
  • The means by which you can help release an ocean of God’s mercy in our world

Moreover, Mother’s life lessons will show you how to stop looking back in order to look ahead and how to enjoy the promises of God. You will see the importance of consulting the Lord in all things and the power of your prayers in helping convert sinners — even at the last moment of their lives.

Furthermore, you will find out how to restore true reverence for God in your life and in our world. Most significantly, you will discover how to read the Bible with the faith of a child so you may enter the Kingdom of Heaven.