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Love Awakened by Love
The Liberating Ascent of Saint John of the Cross
By Mark O'Keefe, O.S.B.

A skilled moral theologian, Benedictine Father Mark O’Keefe leads God-seekers to focus attention on St. John of the Cross’s teaching in The Ascent of Mount Carmel: The essence of the spiritual journey is union with God through the practice of the virtues, especially faith, hope, and love. It‘s virtuous living that enables us to truly love God and be conformed to God in divine union.

For St. John, religious “experiences” are not the essence of the spiritual journey, nor is asceticism for its own sake. John’s emphasis on the nada is to lead us to liberating emptiness—authentic human freedom—that equips us to be filled with the divine life. At the journey’s summit, we find the God who is Love.

This book is an insightful companion to The Ascent of Mount Carmel. Ideal for personal and group study, Carmelite formation, college courses, and a must for every library.