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Living the Scriptures
By Mother Angelica

Replete with Mother Angelica's charismatic blend of insight, clarity, and humor, here is the definitive collection of her best on-air presentations and extemporaneous meditations. Their unifying theme: Scripture as it was intended for us — as a divine guide to everyday spiritual life, not as a complicated puzzle for pensive biblical scholars.

“When you read Scripture, Jesus is speaking to you,” she notes. “And every event in His life, every parable, everything He said, everything He did, everything that was done to Him by others, is all a part of our daily lives.”

Mother's unique gift was highlighting lines of the Bible that, although challenging at first glance, are meant to yield breakthroughs in your own spiritual life. You'll learn:

  • The striking meaning of the Samaritan woman's remarks to Christ at the well
  • How Christ intended His words to Mary Magdalene to be completely transformative for us
  • How the Gospels correct our misunderstandings about repentance
  • Why St. Paul said, “You must stay awake, praying for all the saints”
  • Why Jesus was confronted with seemingly hopeless situations such as wine running out at a wedding
  • What the words that Jesus spoke to Nathanael — “I saw you under the fig tree” — mean for you, right now
  • How the leper Christ cured teaches us not to “make demands of God”
  • How the passage “You worship what you do not know; we worship what we do know; for salvation comes from the Jews” applies to you and your loved ones
  • Why the words, “I sent you to reap a harvest you had not worked for” should move us profoundly
  • “This was the second sign given by Jesus, on his return from Judea to Galilee” — Mother explains precisely how this, and all Christ's signs, are intended for us
  • The full depth of meaning, as implied in the Gospels, of “the hidden sufferings of Jesus”