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The House of the Virgin Mary
The Miraculous Story of Its Journey from Nazareth to a Hillside in Italy
By Godfrey Phillips

Come to know the house of the Virgin Mary which, according to numberless saints, scores of popes, and many official documents of the Vatican (and to protect it from the depredations of the Saracens) was in the late 1200s miraculously transported from Mary's village of Nazareth to a hillside in Italy.

In this house, the Virgin Mary herself was born, she was saluted by the angel Gabriel, and Jesus himself became flesh. There he spent the first twelve years of his life.

Rev. G.E. Phillips' book, The House of the Virgin Mary, is the comprehensive tale of the Holy House in Nazareth, and its miraculous transport to Loreto, Italy – a delightful book that carefully lays out the evidence for the miracle and affords you detailed, convincing answers to those who have challenged it. You'll learn about:

  • Its veneration in Nazareth before it mysteriously disappeared, leaving only its foundation
  • Its sudden, miraculous appearance on a hillside in Italy, dismaying local residents
  • How amazed Italians used exacting detective skills in Italy and later in Palestine to discover where the house had come from
  • How believers have venerated Our Lady of Loreto and revered her Holy House for over 700 years now (shouldn't you, too?)
  • The story of the fifteenth century erection of a magnificent basilica over the humble Holy House and the sixteenth century enclosing of the fragile structure in a grand marble encasement
  • The cure in the Holy House of two Popes in succession (and the tale of many other miracles witnessed there)

Among the evidence brought forth in this powerful book are:

  • Scores of quotations from 13th century witnesses, and from hundreds of scholars and visitors in the seven centuries since then
  • Other original sources from three nations: letters, wills, testimony, summaries, official reports from ancient archives, and documents (including encyclicals) from the Vatican itself testifying to the authenticity of the miracle and the merit of devotion to the Holy House and Our Lady of Loreto.

Believers will be thrilled and consoled by the evidence presented here; skeptics will have their skepticism tempered and many will even come to see the truth about the Holy House: it is a miraculous dwelling, testimony in stone to the loving power of our God.

That's why pontiff after pontiff has encouraged belief in the miraculous transport of the Holy House to Italy and why the same belief has been rapturously adopted by a host of saints including many Doctors of the Church.

Over 45 popes have sanctioned the story of the transport, including Popes Benedict XII, Blessed Urban V, Urban VI, Pope Paul II, Julius II, Leo X, St. Pius V, Gregory XIII, Sixtus V, Clement VIII, Clement X, Innocent XII, Pius IX, Leo XIII, Pius X, Benedict XV, and many others.

Countless saints, too, have gone on pilgrimage there, including St. Francis of Assisi, St. Francis Xavier, St. Ignatius, St. Charles Borromeo, St. Aloysius Gonzaga, St. Stanislaus Kostka, St. Francis of Sales, St. Benedict Labre, St. Alphonsus Liguori, St. Thérèse of Lisieux, and others.

Perhaps it's finally time for you to learn about Our Lady of Loreto and her Holy House, and to receive from devotion to them the many new heavenly graces and benefits the Church promises will be yours.