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Hell and Its Problems
By J. Godfrey Raupert

“Without the conception of a future and permanent state of punishment, consequent upon a life of sin and rebellion against God, the Christian scheme of Redemption has neither consistency nor coherence, and its most central doctrines become unreasonable and incomprehensible.”
— Fr. Godfrey Raupert

In an age of rationalistic thinking, Hell is often reduced to a mere concept or a cleverly devised myth — even by certain members of the Church. Contrary to this notion, the most learned theologians and philosophers throughout the centuries have affirmed the logic behind Hell’s existence. In this prescient and eye-opening classic, Fr. Raupert offers a careful, comprehensive explanation of the Catholic doctrine on Hell. You’ll learn what it is, why it exists, and how to avoid it — in compelling, understandable language.

While some posit that the devil is merely a creature of man’s imagination, you will see what the Bible really teaches about the evil one and Hell and how this undergirds the mysteries of Redemption and Restoration. You will come to understand how “universalism,” or disbelief in Hell, is a slippery slope to a spectrum of other heretical views. In fact, denial of the possibility of Hell engenders a lukewarm Church that gradually comes to disregard her mission to lead all souls to Christ.You will find answers to common arguments against eternal punishment and learn:

  • How modern science proves the existence of Hell
  • Five ways ancient civilizations believed in the reality of Hell
  • What the “voice of nature” says about the possibility of damnation
  • Modern objections and timeless replies from saints and scholars
  • What ultimately shapes and determines your character
  • Why the inner battles we face point to the existence of principalities and powers

Most significantly, you will discover how the denial of Hell’s existence creates a myopic view of God that ultimately wreaks chaos. You will read evidence of the demonic at work through occult practices and learn about diabolical manifestations and spiritual warfare in the lives of the saints.As you gain a greater appreciation of the law of order at work in the moral universe, you will also perceive the one thing necessary for salvation and the hope to which you are called. You will see the urgency of converting now in order to ensure that you will enjoy eternal happiness in the hereafter. In an age of widespread moral relativism, this is the book that will provide you with the reasons to believe.