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Carmelite Wisdom and Prophetic Hope:
Treasures Both New and Old

Carmelite Studies 11
Edited by Mary Frohlich, RSCJ

This newest volume of Carmelite Studies reflects the remarkable resurgence in Carmelite scholarship, especially throughout the English-speaking world, in recent decades. Several authors in the present volume are among the pioneers who made the latest in Carmelite scholarship available to an ever wider audience. Their voices are joined by those of other recognized scholars and theologians who continue to mine the rich heritage of this ancient tradition.

These twelve essays particularly focus on wisdom, hope, and prophecy, especially as understood and practiced in the Carmelite tradition. Weaving rich insights from the theme throughout these essays, the authors show the honored place of wisdom and prophetic hope and action from the Order’s origins on Mount Carmel and the Rule in the 12th century, to the teachings of the saints and Doctors of the Church Teresa of Ávila and John of Cross in the 16th, to the 21st century where Carmelite wisdom speaks prophetically and challenges Carmelites and all women and men of prayer in ever new ways.

This volume, tracing the contribution of Carmel’s richness from the hermit life at the prophet Elijah’s wadi to the challenges and invitations of the contemporary world, is an excellent resource for personal study as well as an invaluable tool for Carmelite formation, study groups, and anyone wanting to explore the intersection of Carmelite spirituality, biblical Wisdom, contemplation and prophetic action.

Includes a helpful introduction outlining each essay’s focus, notes for each essay, biographical sketches of the contributors, and a comprehensive index.