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The Origins and Rise of the Intellectual Revolution in the Church

Here is the clarity you need in an age of “linguistic acrobatics” that has attempted to change the meaning of sacred truths. Theological misinterpretations and free thinking have sparked a revolution that has redefined “love” and “knowledge.” The “reconstitution of history” has reduced Christ to simply a great man, the firsthand accounts of the apostles are overthrown for “transcendental pluralism,” and the absence of objective truth has yielded “perpetual existential instability.” 

If you’re fed up with the prevalence of errant philosophies and are looking for a means of defending your Faith, this book is for you. In this reprint of Gethsemane The Origins and Rise of the Intellectual Revolution in the Church, the renowned Joseph Cardinal Siri corrects the erroneous teaching of controversial twentieth-century theologians Henri de Lubac, Jacques Maritain, Karl Rahner, and Hans Kung. 

In these pages, you will learn the truth about the gamut of dominant heresies, including relativism, rationalism, modernism, cosmic monism, pantheism, anthropocentrism, dogmatic evolutionism, subjectivism, intellectual esoterism, and secularization in the Church. 

Best of all, Cardinal Siri provides the answer to this persistent crisis of confusion — that “the whole historicist heritage must be overturned within itself.” And he teaches how to avoid the “intellectual kaleidoscope” that correlates unreal concepts to eternal truth. 

In Gethsemane, readers will discover why it is imperative to uphold divine revelation, to recognize Original Sin and man’s need for salvation, and consistently to reaffirm Catholic doctrines and dogma.

Cardinal Siri explains that, without revelation, we lose all objectivity and plummet into an “existential night.” It is only by imitating the fiat of Jesus and Mary that we enter into the unity and adoration where truth is revealed. Christ affirmed that the Church is His Mystical Body. Jesus did not abandon us in His agony and we are called to remain true to His teaching until the end.